There are 2 main time-scales that families can host. The majority of our staff require hosting for the duration of the spring, summer & fall periods. We also have staff who require hosting for the fall period only. Preference is always given to those families who can commit to the full duration of the coaches stay to provide consistency for both the coaches and the families. There are however some opportunities to host year round as well as short term hosting opportunities.

All host families receive MPS credit to be used for any MPS program.

Host Period
Period One - April - December
Period Two - August - December

MPS has appointed a Host Family Coordinator, George Nichols, who will act as your first point of contact throughout your coach hosting program.  He is also responsible for all correspondences regarding issues with a placement.

George can be reached at: [email protected] or by calling 781-891-6900.


“As a parent, hosting has been a great opportunity for cultural exchange for the kids.  Becca has been part of our family for the past 5 months, and will now always be part of our family.  She has become like a daughter to us and a big sister and role model to our three daughters.”
Sue Grinblatas
Host Family 2010/2011

“They are a great family and I am loving my time there. The kids are class and call me their ‘British Brother’. They have taken me in and I feel like part of the family”.
Seve Hirst
MPS Coaching Staff 2012/2013