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Welcome to the MPS Summer Vacation Programs. The Summer season is fast approaching and why not add to pre-season preparations by joining MPS at one of the several different locations around Massachusetts. We will be providing four different programs at each location, 1st Touch (U5), Kick Start (U7), Half Day and Full Day (U7-14) which will provide the ideal program for every participant from beginners all the way through to elite level. Our Vacation Programs offer the latest in forward thinking soccer curriculums that blend technical sessions with fun, action packed small sided games that will ensure every child has an outstanding soccer experience.

To register for any Summer Vacation Program please click the relevant link within the downloadable PDF schedule or call 781.891.6900 ext 35.


First Touch Program (3-4 year olds)
Our First Touch soccer program is a fun introduction to the game of soccer for new players. Our curriculum is designed to involve both players and parents and includes movement skills such as running, twisting and jumping.  This program is designed to allow 3 and 4 year old boys and girls the opportunity to play and learn in a FUN, SAFE and ACTIVE environment.  Programs run Monday to Thursday only and are held for one hour each day at all MPS program locations.

KSKick Start Program for kindergarteners (5 year olds)
The Kick Start program focuses on the fundamentals of soccer and is designed to introduce individual technique through fun games and small-sided play.  Players will learn the basic techniques of passing, shooting, first-touch, dribbling and how to play the game during a fun filled week.  Every day we feature a new country from the world of soccer with quizzes, competitions, activity breaks and fun filled facts and events!

SOESOE Champions League Program (6-7 years)
This program features the skills and techniques of some of the best players from around the world.  Every day we will feature the skills of a global superstar from the world of soccer using quizzes, competitions and even video links to highlight their brilliance. Our curriculum will emphasize individual footskills and ball awareness plus a player’s role within a team. We will also focus on small group tactics in competitive situations throughout the week.

JPJunior Premier Program (8-11 years)
This specialized program is designed for dedicated young players looking for advanced training with similarly motivated peers.  Featuring the tactics and themes used by the top teams from the European Champions League our curriculum will enhance the game of those individuals ready to take the next steps in their soccer development.  From individual skills to team formations and tactics, this soccer experience will challenge every ability level.

Premier Program (12+ years)
This program is for those players at the premier or travel team level who are preparing for the upcoming season.  Throughout the week we will develop positional and functional play within a game environment.  Featuring the same coaching curriculums from World Cup superpowers such as Spain, Germany and Argentina, we will develop players awareness, positional play and a team’s style of play and structure.

MPS goalkeeping program (6+ years)
MPS provides a week long program for those players who dedicate their time to keeping the ball out of the net. The MPS Goalkeeping program allows individuals to benefit from expert instruction relayed by professional goalkeeping coaches. Improve handling, shot-stopping, footwork and distribution in an environment where only one position on the field counts. Each day will have a major topic but all sessions will incorporate footwork and handling techniques (the basis of all goalkeeping). One exciting aspect of the camp will be the daily Goalie Wars competition. Here is a chance to test your shot stopping and distribution skills against other goalkeepers!! These goalkeeping programs are intense, demanding and the sessions are designed to make each goalkeeper work to the best of their ability and to push them a bit more.

All MPS Vacation Programs are delivered by MPS coaches with vast experience in soccer coaching and are excellently supported by the MPS Technical Department who help deliver the cutting edge Soccer eyeQ and iSoccer training components daily. Please click the following button to find Vacation Programs in your area!

To register for any Summer Vacation Program please click the relevant link within the downloadable PDF schedule or call 781.891.6900 ext 35.


For 2013, all soccer programs that run during the school vacations will be between one and four days. As a result, any vacation program, including one day clinics, do not qualify as a recreational camp under the Department of Public Health 105 CMR 430.00 Minimum Standard for Recreational Camps for Children (State Sanitary Code, Chapter IV). However Mass Premier Soccer will continue to comply with local Board of Health organizations to ensure the health and safety of any and all participants and will perform the necessary documentation where required and requested. All Mass Premier Soccer coaches are CORI and SORI checked both in the USA and where applicable their home nation. All Mass Premier Soccer programs will be directed by a Mass Premier Soccer employee who is both First Aid/CPR qualified and has a minimum of two years’ experience as required by 105 CMR 430.000.


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