European College Soccer

ecsEuropean College Soccer combines education and soccer to create global career opportunities for our clients. ECS provides services in 2 main areas;

GPS provides access to a European College education for American student-athletes.  In addition to the quality of the education of European Colleges and Universities, the student-athlete is able to compete and train for 12 months as GPS facilitates a soccer experience with the College and local amateur or professional clubs.  The cost of higher education in Europe is also much more affordable than in the US making the GPS experience a great option for American high school student athletes who are in the college application process.

GPS assists current collegiate student-athletes  in the US who are interested in spending a spring semester abroad that combines education and soccer.  GPS will ensure your degree remains on track while you experience European soccer during a spring semester.  All GPS collegiate student-athletes must get approval from their compliance department to ensure all NCAA rules are followed.

For more information please contact Mass Premier Soccer at 781-891-6900