MPS Staff raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Waltham 25th October 2013; Staff from Massachusetts Premier Soccer have been donating money and raising awareness for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Across all Ten States the various franchises have been carrying out charitable initiatives to promote of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Following on from the work done across various sports teams such as the New England Revolution and New England Patriots, MPS coaches have been wearing pink laces in their shoes and soccer cleats, pink socks and sweat bands displaying the pink ribbon.

Staff from the MPS office raised just under $500 alone as well as encouraging their teams across the whole State to follow their lead and wear pink socks etc to coaching sessions, which the young people took to with great enthusiasm.

GPS Managing Director Pete Bradley said “The staff took this upon themselves and this was great to see. The young players look up to them and seeing their coaches supporting this great cause instantly got them onboard too. This can only add to the togetherness and family aspect of the club and we were delighted to see so many get involved across all our franchises”.

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