“One of the issues in the United States is that elite level soccer at youth level is and has been for the most part pay to play, clearly then, when you are talking about economically disadvantaged inner city, you’ve got a problem.”
Sunil Gulati - United States Soccer Federation (USSF) President.

The MPS Inner City Initiative has been a long term vision of Massachusetts Premier Soccer and was finally realized with the launch of the Brockton and Lowell SOE programs in Spring 2009.  These programs were supplemented by the addition of the Jamaica Plain SOE in Fall 2009 and Worcester SOE in Spring 2011.

The goal of the MPS Inner City Initiative is to provide premier level soccer coaching to the at-risk, under-served communities in Eastern Massachusetts.

The Inner City Initiative accepts donations year-round. To donate please click the button below.

MPS would like to thank all organizations, individuals and families that continue to support the 
MPS Inner City Initiative.

For more information on the MPS Inner-City Initiative please contact Ralph Latchana on 781-891-6900 ext.38 or [email protected]